Florida Tech Interfraternity Council

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Fall 2013 Fraternity Recruitment

Fraternity Recruitment is a time for male students to go out to all of the different IFC chapters recruitment events and learn more about each fraternity. Each organization will typically have one event per day and at the end of the week, bids will be handed out.

Fall 2013 Fraternity Recruitment will take place from August 17 to August 23. Below is a day-by-day schedule for the fall!

Saturday - August 17, 2013

  • IFC Beach Day - Melbourne Beach
  • ΛΧΑ: Beach Clean Up – Following IFC Beach Day
  • XΦ: Dodgeball 3-5pm at CV Tennis Courts
  • TΚΕ: Slip-N-Slide 3-6pm at Res Quad
  • ΠΚΑ: Yard Games 5-7:30pm at Res Quad
  • ΠΚΑ: Open House 8pm-12am at Pike 

Sunday - August 18, 2013

  • ΠΚΑ: Beach Day 11am-2pm at Mel Beach
  • ATΩ: Real Life Angry Birds/Lawn Games 12-3pm at Southgate
  • TΚΕ: Pool Party 12-4pm at Greek Village pool and P 
  • ΠΛΦ: Rafting 2–4:30pm at CV River
  • ΣΤΓ: Softball Toss 2-5 pm at Res Quad
  • ΔΤΔ: BBQ and Meet the Brothers 4:00pm – 7:00 pm at Delt House
  • ΛΧΑ: BBQ, House Tour and Basketball Tournament 4-8pm at Lambda Chi 
  • TKE: Pasta Dinner 6-10pm at TKE
  • XΦ: Pool Tournament 7-10pm at The Rathskellar

Monday - August 19, 2013

  • ΠΛΦ: Mini Pools and Cigars 11am-3pm at Res Quad
  • ΣΤΓ: Special Olympics Fundraiser 2-5pm at TBD
  • ATΩ: Rockstar Pong 3-5pm at Res Quad
  • ΔΤΔ: Lawn Games/Obscure Sports 3-6pm at Crawford Greens 
  • ΠΛΦ: Waterslide 3-8:30pm at off-campus house
  • ΠΚΑ: Sports Day BBQ 5-7pm at Res Quad
  • TΚΕ: Car Smash 5-8pm a CV Garage lot
  • XΦ: Poker Night 7-10pm at TBD
  • ΛΧΑ: Casino Night 7:30-10pm at Hartley Room

Tuesday - August 20, 2013

  • XΦ: Chi Phi Car Show 4-7pm at Panther Plaza
  • ΛΧΑ: Campus Golf 4-7pm at Crawford Greens
  • ΣΤΓ: KY Jelly Slip N Slide 4-7 pm at Pantherium
  • TΚΕ: Casino Night 5-10pm at Hartley Room
  • ΠΛΦ: Dodgeball 5:30-6:30pm at Harris Basketball courts
  • ΠΛΦ: Wings 6:30-9pm at Old School
  • ATΩ: GladiATΩr Dodgeball 7-9pm at Clemente Center
  • ΠΚΑ: Pool Tournament 7-11pm at The Rathskellar
  • ΔΤΔ: Video Game Night 8-11:30 pm at Crawford

Wednesday - August 21, 2013

  • ΣΤΓ: Ice Cream Sundaes 3-6pm at SUB
  • XΦ: Chi Phi Sports Night 4-7 pm at Chi Phi Manor
  • ΠΛΦ: Picnic Games 4:30-7pm at Crawford Greens
  • ATΩ: Pool Party 5-8pm at Greek Village Pool
  • ΔΤΔ: Mini Golf PGA tournament 5-8 pm at Andretti
  • TΚΕ: Hooters 5-11pm at Hooters
  • ΛΧΑ: Pig Roast and Luau 6-9pm at Off Campus House
  • ΠΚΑ: Smoker 7-10pm at The Pike House

Thursday - August 22, 2013

  • XΦ: Highland Games & BBQ 5-7pm at Chi Phi Manor
  • ΣΤΓ: Frisbee Toss 6-9 pm at Res Quad
  • TΚΕ: Camping 6-9pm at Res Quad
  • ΔΤΔ: Glow in the Dark Sports 7-10pm at Southgate Fields
  • ΛΧΑ: Lambda Chi Day at the Races 7-10pm at CV Meeting Room
  • ΠΚΑ: Blue Chip Dinner 7-10pm at The Broken Barrel Tavern
  • ATΩ: Meet and Greet 8-10pm at Hartley Room followed by Dinner at Old School
  • ΠΛΦ: Bowling 8-10pm at Shore Lanes Bowling Alley

Friday - August 23, 2013

Bid day and invite only events.