Florida Tech Interfraternity Council

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Welcome from the IFC President
Christopher Zarlenga | 2014

I would like to welcome you to the Greek Community here at Florida Tech! Each Fraternity on this campus has the same ultimate goal: to build better men. There are 8 different paths that lead to this ultimate goal as there is a different path for each Fraternity on this campus.

When I was in your shoes, that of a young student looking into the Greek community from the outside, I knew nothing of what really occurs in the daily lives of Greek Students. I was initially uninterested in joining a Fraternity because of the stereotypes portrayed on television and in film. Despite my disinterest I decided to go to a rush event outside of my dorm my freshman year for one simple reason: free food. What I stumbled upon though, was the conversation that changed my life.

For the first time I understood how the Greek community works, and realized the journey to becoming the great man I have always striven to be would truly start by joining a fraternity. I actively pursued joining a fraternity for the remainder of recruitment and upon making the simple and conscious decision of accepting my bid I was immediately introduced to a new world. This world remains to be a relatively untapped resource in the lives of young adults. This world consists of: making new friendships simply because you are a Greek affiliated student, having unlimited networking opportunities available upon graduation and the support base of an entire brotherhood dedicated to your academic excellence in the pursuit of your degree.

Is Greek Life the right choice for you? Well perhaps you should entertain a few questions: Do you want to build lifelong friendships that go beyond college? Do you want to obtain the skills to be a successful leader both in college and the workforce? Do you want to raise millions of dollars for charities across the country? Do you want to be a better man tomorrow than you are today? The solution is simple: pursue the membership of a Fraternity and join Greek Life.

Joining a Fraternity has been the single greatest choice I have ever made. It has helped me grow from a shy unconfident person afraid to speak up in a conversation, to the Interfraternity Council President where I speak in front of people on a regular basis and run weekly business meetings. Joining a Fraternity has helped me grow and have the confidence to venture into new territories and situations. I challenge you to do better and grow beyond your expectations.


Chris Zarlenga

Fraternity Recruitment 2014

Saturday, August 16, 2014 - Friday, August 22, 2014

Fraternity Recruitment is a time for male students to go out to all of the different IFC chapters recruitment events and learn more about each fraternity. Each organization will typically have one event per day and at the end of the week, bids will be handed out.

For information about recruitment, click here.